About The Chiffonade

Steger's Chiffonade is focused on providing high-quality, homemade food for your family, as well as small catering events. I will prepare your food, with your restrictions or suggestions, and make it available for you to warm at home or work. As well, if you have an event that needs personal catering please think of delicious homemade bites for your guests.

Take the food for your lunch, feed your family at dinner, or throw a small get together and show them love through food.

We provide catering of all levels to include a small shower to a large wedding. We can accommodate your requests and make the menu unique to your event.

About Me

I am Pamela Steger, owner of Steger's Chiffonade. I have been cooking with my family for years. I have grandparents who were born to cook and grandparents who traveled the world learning to cook. I was given the genes I guess, because I am a good cook with an utter love for food and the art of cooking.

I have a passion to cook for others and to provide for those who are hungry. Some of my earliest memories are of cooking with my grandmother and providing food for my friends and family. My goal with Steger's Chiffonade is to cook for families or individuals who don't have the time or passion but want meals that are nutritious and delicious! Of course, I can always make them a little decadent too!

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.